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We provide a complete range of web related services designed to help you get more out of your use of the Internet.

Using The Internet To Market Your Lodge

The Internet plays a huge part in successfully marketing a safari lodge, and now that more people are browsing the web using a mobile device than a desktop computer, it is vital that your website is responsive and mobile friendly, and you can easily update your own site content yourself, regardless of where you are in the world.

The reason for this is simple. The Internet is quickly negating the need for a travel agent. Individuals can save money by booking flights, hotels and lodges direct. So, it's crucial that your website looks great on any device, is easy to navigate and contains up to date content.

And it is essential that you make it easy for them to see what action you want them to take, be it to contact you, book online, or be directed to an agent.

The safari and private lodges industry is unique in that pre-Internet, a lodge relied on agents to communicate its benefits to the outside world or to manage bookings, whereas nowadays they can communicate directly and immediately with their guests. Guests can still use agents to book a holiday package, but they now have direct access to information as well, and can book direct with a lodge if they prefer.

Sites like Trip Advisor enable guests to read reviews, and the big holiday package and last minute websites also promote your services in a way that most lodges could ever have dreamed of years ago. And, of course, long haul flights are more common place and accessible than ever before. A safari or trip to a remote, private lodge was a one-off dream trip years ago. For many it is now an annual occurrence, and they either bring new friends with them each time, or recommend lodges they have stayed at.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly Websites for Game Reserves and Lodges

If you're a lodge owner or manager and your current website or online marketing isn't working as well as it should be, we provide cost effective website, hosting, management and marketing services, specifically tailored for the safari industry.

What We Do

Our core business is providing a website set up, hosting and management service specifically for small and medium sized businesses who either need help setting up their first website, or who have an existing site that's not fulfilling its potential.

Our experience in working with hundreds of operations in diverse industries all over the world, married to our knowledge of the safari and private lodges market sector, puts us in a unique position to provide a tailor made solution specifically for game reserves and lodges too.

Firstly, Internet users expect more from a website than ever before. They judge you from the moment they land on your website. Don't give them reasons to leave your site and start looking at your competitors!

There is no excuse for having an amateur looking, or out of date website. And with over half the world now browsing the Internet using a mobile, it is also essential that your website is responsive and mobile friendly. If it's not, over half your potential customers won't even be able to view your website properly, and it won't get indexed properly by Google either!

"Take a look round your camp and you'll see that nearly everyone is using a tablet or smartphone!"